Another day on the set of “Pen and Paper” in the books!

Before we start, I thought it might be cool to post a few of the industry words/terms we use here and what they mean.

Lav or Lavalier – This is a small lapel mic and a transmitter. Ours are wireless and most are today but there are still some in use that are wired all the way to the receiver. These little guys can be a life saver in wide shots where getting a boom pole close enough to the talent but out of the shot is impossible. We use these almost exclusively in “The Romantics” car scenes because we have no extra hands to hold a boom!

Talent – These are your actors.

Foley – The reproduction of everyday sound effects which are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films, television, video, video games and radio. We have to do this quite a bit. When you’re micing someone at their mouth and they are walking, rustling keys, setting something down on a counter, etc… the sound you get from those farther away actions isn’t always great. So the way we do this is to get a really loud signal from the voice/dialogue and then add the other stuff later. For example: In The Romantics, we add the sounds of car doors opening and closing, walking across gravel/wood chips/asphalt etc…

ADR or LoopingDialogue that turns out poorly in post production (because of recording issues. background noises. low signal. all kinds of things) must be re-recorded in post and dubbed over the film. This typically requires a studio type setting where an actor will watch himself in the designated scene and act out his lines into a mic. You see this a LOT in tv shows today and it’s sloppy and noticeable. We’re trying to keep this to an absolute minimum.

—>    It was amazing outside today. The only reason I know that is because we stepped outside to shoot a scene and it ended up being way too bright to do it. It was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a nice a little breeze. Amazing! We all ended up standing around talking for a few minutes because subconsciously, the weather made us feel so good. Then it was back inside to start again. _

—>    Today was probably our last BIG day where we had almost everyone on set at once. We only have about one and a half more full days of filming left for Pen and Paper. Getting really excited but, that’s definitely not the end of the work on this episode. We have tons of Foley and sound effects to record. Aaron has a massive mountain of editing to do. We have the almost insurmountable task of promoting this thing and getting it seen. We have plans in place for all of this but it’s going to take a lot of work.

—>    Having said that, if any of our friends from Twitch, YouTube and Twitter want to help out, we will have a kit we can send you to post flyers and such around your college campus or wherever is legal and makes sense to throw them up. These flyers will be the SHIZ too. Just wait till you see them. Hopefully they’ll make people proud to support this project and your friends jealous! Maybe, for all the folks that help us put the word out physically on college campuses and the like, we can get you one, full-size poster of one of these flyers in your kit. What do you guys think?

—>    So today we did some finishing up of a scene that takes place around a table in a super cool setting and then a kitchen scene. The kitchen scenes are always a bit tough because of the crazy amount of echo, all the appliances that make noise and the lack of space to really maneuver especially my boom pole. We got it done though and it looks great. We may have to some ADR on that scene later if our lavaliers picked up too much noise. We’ll see! Hopefully not.

—>   After that, we moved outside to set up for a scene at the front door of the house but it’s supposed to be an evening scene and the dark, overcast weather decided to clear up at that moment. We then moved back inside for the kitchen scene. The kitchen scene was challenging. I kept tripping over my cables and smacking the back of my boom into stuff hah. Justin, our camera guy, made this scene look freaking amazing as always. This guy is a real artist with his camera. He’ll be doing some shots for our promotional stuff too that will be amazing. Aaron talked about his plans for the movie poster type stuff (promotional stuff) at the end of the cast and everyone got extremely excited about how amazing the ideas sound. The sweet thing is, with this crew, if we come up with an idea we can make it happen.

—>  So we finished up with the shoot and then Aaron had to shoot a very quick little scene with Vincent as Lipton to finish up our newest “The Romantics” episode. That will be coming out this week.

—>  And that’s all she wrote for today! I’m attaching a couple of photos from today. Trying not to give TOO much stuff away about Pen and Paper yet so I apologize for not having too many pictures to post. I think these are fairly interesting pictures so you can get an idea of what our set looks like at least.

As always, love you guys and I will see you on the live stream!


Saturday 12/8/2012 – Another day in the books filming “The Romantics”

TL:DR A few behind the scenes pics at the bottom.

(If you have ANY comments you want to add or questions to ask, please leave them here. I love discussion with you folks. The comments section is at the bottom.)

Today was extremely nice. Most of our shoot was done outside instead of inside the car like our previous shorts have been. It was refreshing and an extremely nice day to be shooting outside. It was overcast. No ND filter required. It was the perfect temperature. No constant sweating and dabbing between shots. We didn’t have to fight the lighting all day which has been the MOST challenging thing of shooting inside and around a vehicle in Texas where the lighting changes outside every 20 seconds.

With a small team of 3 people, it’s damn near impossible to get the lighting right sometimes. We would definitely benefit from having 1 or 2 more people on set to hold things, move things, carry things, point things etc… It’s very challenging when all three of us are in the scene together and there’s not even a person to just operate the camera for a basic shot. We run into a lot of real challenges because we’re trying to hold ourselves to the standard of improving the quality of our webisodes every time we put a new one out. It is definitely true that you are your own toughest critic.

What we shot today was probably 90% of this episode. The rest of the shots we have to get during the week here and there when time permits. The editing process begins after that and it could take Aaron upwards of 2 full days of work to get all the sound and video edited together. I’ve always been above average at most of the things I put my mind to but this is difficult. Managing all of this at once stretches me really thin. I feel like I’m constantly working as hard and as much as I can to just tread water.

The great news is; with all of you folks out there watching us and putting in the time to hang out with me every day while we build up this community, this has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That keeps me doing it and putting as much effort into it as I can physically and mentally handle and then some. Without you guys and gals, we wouldn’t even have a reason to be doing this and working this hard. We intend to keep bringing you high quality content that’s a step above most of the things you see on YouTube and/or T.V. and we hope that you enjoy and get some entertainment value out of it. YOU GUYS ROCK!

So here’s some behind the scenes pics and I’ll throw up a montage video tomorrow on YouTube for everyone to peruse. This is purely fan service stuff. Not meant to be entertaining or cool but just to show you our tiny operation on “The Romantics” and a little sneak peek of what’s to come in the next episode.

A new “Romantic’s Mini” just landed on YouTube!

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