The world didn’t end as far as I can tell.

So we’re all good I think! I’m celebrating Christmas with my wife today and then relatives tomorrow. I’m also intermittently working on the new minecraft server and enjoying myself thus far.

The new minecraft server for now, is capable of holding about 80 to 100 people simultaneously. We have only the basic mods installed such as Essentials and Worldguard. We lucked out with a pretty amazing seed from what I can tell so far. I’m actually quite looking forward to minecraft Mondays at this point. I’ll give you folks a little taste of our plans for the server. Aaron is over the moon on this one 😀  There will be a few pictures at the bottom.

So here’s the plan. I’m currently creating an undestroyable spawn area to give you a feel of the background story of this world and set the ball rolling for future RP stories and quests. The way that works is we write a questline or a story outside of the game on our forums and make it occur or somehow appear in the game. For example: let’s say you’re walking along and you find a hole in the ground. It doesn’t look like an ordinary hole because it’s lined with gold blocks that you can’t mine for some reason. So naturally, being an explorer, you decide to jump in and see what it is. Once inside there’s 1 dimly lit torch and a chest. You open the chest because of course, you’re a greedy soul who needs ALL the phat lewts you can get hold of! Inside the chest is a book. You open the book and read it and it’s a story of a long lost civilization. Maybe a recent flood or enderman uncovered this hole and its been buried here for centuries. The book speaks of a place with vague directions. Also in the book is a footnote that tells you to read “The history of this long lost civilization” with a password included. That’s your queue to pop open the forums, find a specific post titled the same and use the password to read a history/clue written by myself or Aaron and leading you onwards throughout this quest. More such clues will be found. Will there be treasure or just epic, ancient landscapes to observe? You’ll find out!

To us, this is the MOST epic way to play minecraft. We’ve done it before when we only had a few people involved and it was fun but always wished we had a LOT more people so our hidden secrets and stuff would be found and explored. On top of this we have other plans. Towns that we will have the viewers apply for and run for Mayor of with full control of your town and its citizens (who you will recruit yourself). This comes with the Towny plug in. This will give us factions to war against/ally against etc… You’ll be able to do big quests like the one I outlined above that are hand written by us (and eventually some our viewers that wish to participate in that) but also there will be mundane quests to earn currency to purchase your own lots that are only modifiable by you as well as pay for teleports from NPC’s and possibly to even use in-game with other players to purchase potions, enchanted items etc…

Add to this that we will also run Raids. That’s right, raids. Where you will quest as a team following our MOST epic story based quests (all related to this world and its backstory to flesh it out) and end up in full on Raids with an end boss (played by an OP/Admin with powers related to the quest) content and rewards.

I hope that gets folks excited about Minecraft Mondays. Even folks that have never taken a liking to the building aspect of Minecraft may enjoy these events and participate.

You guys rock and I’m looking forward to having a loyal group of friends to really do this stuff with. I think previously not having anyone to really share our creative stuff with is what put me off of doing it. Have a happy holiday whether you celebrate Christmas specifically or not and I’ll see you all Wednesday!

Few pics of the starting area for the new server.