Saturday 12/8/2012 – Another day in the books filming “The Romantics”

TL:DR A few behind the scenes pics at the bottom.

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Today was extremely nice. Most of our shoot was done outside instead of inside the car like our previous shorts have been. It was refreshing and an extremely nice day to be shooting outside. It was overcast. No ND filter required. It was the perfect temperature. No constant sweating and dabbing between shots. We didn’t have to fight the lighting all day which has been the MOST challenging thing of shooting inside and around a vehicle in Texas where the lighting changes outside every 20 seconds.

With a small team of 3 people, it’s damn near impossible to get the lighting right sometimes. We would definitely benefit from having 1 or 2 more people on set to hold things, move things, carry things, point things etc… It’s very challenging when all three of us are in the scene together and there’s not even a person to just operate the camera for a basic shot. We run into a lot of real challenges because we’re trying to hold ourselves to the standard of improving the quality of our webisodes every time we put a new one out. It is definitely true that you are your own toughest critic.

What we shot today was probably 90% of this episode. The rest of the shots we have to get during the week here and there when time permits. The editing process begins after that and it could take Aaron upwards of 2 full days of work to get all the sound and video edited together. I’ve always been above average at most of the things I put my mind to but this is difficult. Managing all of this at once stretches me really thin. I feel like I’m constantly working as hard and as much as I can to just tread water.

The great news is; with all of you folks out there watching us and putting in the time to hang out with me every day while we build up this community, this has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That keeps me doing it and putting as much effort into it as I can physically and mentally handle and then some. Without you guys and gals, we wouldn’t even have a reason to be doing this and working this hard. We intend to keep bringing you high quality content that’s a step above most of the things you see on YouTube and/or T.V. and we hope that you enjoy and get some entertainment value out of it. YOU GUYS ROCK!

So here’s some behind the scenes pics and I’ll throw up a montage video tomorrow on YouTube for everyone to peruse. This is purely fan service stuff. Not meant to be entertaining or cool but just to show you our tiny operation on “The Romantics” and a little sneak peek of what’s to come in the next episode.

A new “Romantic’s Mini” just landed on YouTube!

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