Monday is here again. Let’s do our thing.

Stream starts at 9:30am CST or GMT-6 at

Thanks so much everyone for all the support on Twitch and especially on the YouTube page. You guys are the BEST!

The YouTube contest winners will be announced on the website here soon. It’s going to take me a day or two to tally up the entries and roll/choose all the winners.

Here’s today’s giveaway form.
Rules to participate and win:
1. Be present when I do the RANDOM giveaway.
2. Fill out the form accurately. (ONE TIME to be eligible for the whole day)
3. Follow me on Twitch (the follow button is top left of the video window)
4. Check out our Web Series and our video links on the left, side bar. (remember “likes” and “comments” really help!)

YouTube Subscriber Contest!


I’m going to do a Subscriber drive kind of thing for YouTube for the rest of this week. It starts NOW and it will officially end on Monday morning at 9:30am CST/gmt-6.
Here’s how it works. There will be THREE winners in THREE categories.

1. You must be a subscriber on our YouTube channel here – TheRomanticsWB

2. You must leave at least ONE comment on any video on our YouTube. You will get extra chances for every Video you leave a comment on. This means you will get ONE extra entry into the contest for every video you leave at least one comment on. This is to prevent spam. We want the comments to be legit 🙂  Putting 10 comments on ONE video gets you ONE entry. Putting ONE comment on 10 videos will get you 10 entries. Any non-constructive comment I deem to be spam will not count.

First prize winner – Any single game on Steam up to $60. Your choice.  *This will be chosen via RNG using everyone’s total number of entries for themselves.

Second Prize winner – Any single game on Steam up to $40. Your choice. This will be selected by me and Aaron for what we consider the BEST comment on our YouTube. (could be funny/cool/appropriate/intelligent but definitely not spammy)

Third Prize winner – Any single game out of my giveaway list on this website. This will also be chosen using the RNG system using your total entries.

Tips for winning:

Actually watch the video you’re commenting on. A comment that makes sense and is related to the video will get you a better chance of winning!

Replying to other people appropriately works too!


And, here’s the NEW pilot episode!