New Twitter Followers Only Contest!

It’s time for another Twitter contest! (contest ends 12/8/2012 at NOON cst or gmt-6)

Here’s the rules:

1. Follow me on Twitter.

2. Sometime between NOW and Friday December 7th, I will post a query on Twitter. It may be a “Caption This” picture of something or it could just be a trivia question. Your job is to reply to it with the answer or whatever is needed. I will update twitter with a post when it goes live. I will roll a random number for all the people that follow the instructions in the tweet and reply.

        — The Question was posted on Twitter: What MTG cards are named that Lipton receives? *hint – YouTube (must reply to me at twitter with the answer to be entered to win)

3. There will be two winners.

a. Everyone that follows the instructions in the tweet correctly will get entered into a random number roll and one person will win ANY GAME FROM STEAM up to $60 usd value.
b. I will also roll a random number generator for everyone on my twitter followers lists. The winner of this roll will get to choose ANY GAME FROM MY INVENTORY.

To see all the tweets tweeted AT me (the replies from people during the contest) just type @theromantics1 in the search bar of twitter OR, you can click this convenient link! —> CONVENIENT LINK

2 thoughts on “New Twitter Followers Only Contest!

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