Looking for a way to support the stream? Check this out.

Like I’ve said before, the goal here is not to make money but to provide excellent content and get some of our stuff out there for people to enjoy. I’ve had a lot of people asking me how to donate money or support the stream and this is one way you can. It fits the theme of our stream (giving is very rewarding) and will help out immensely.

The way Game Fan Shop operates is, you buy a game there and you get the Steam key, go to steam and redeem and download it there just like you would from Amazon or anywhere else. They typically seem to match or even beat the steam sales and have their own sales as well.

The way it works:

1. Click my link to go there.

2. Anything you buy gives me a 15% kickback. I will use EVERY penny of this to purchase more games for give aways and make the stream better in general. I will use none of this to do things like, pay my bills etc… It all goes back to you guys.

3. If you use my coupon code, (for MY supporters only), WeAreTheRomanticsSpecial, you get an EXTRA 5% off of anything you buy. I pay for this 5% coupon out of my 15% kickback to hook you guys up even further 🙂

4. I get some money at the end of the month and re-stock the give away supplies for you!

Here’s the Link!



Love you guys! You make all the work worth it. I hope everyone keeps coming back to the stream and we can build this community up for everyone’s enjoyment.


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