Board Game Streaming Day on Twitch! 10/30/2012

Here’s a clip of the finale of the Mansions of Madness game. Man hugs were given and received.

We’re currently planning our next board game stream and it will posted on the website soon. Keep your eyes peeled! We’ll be playing Mage Knight!

And here’s the full stream!

Twitch Tv Mansions of Madness

On 10/30/2012 I’m going to stream a live board game session with Aaron, Vincent, (a.k.a. Lippy!), and Dan. Dan is another mutual friend of ours and he will also be in some of our upcoming webisodes and is one of the actors in our upcoming Indie show, Pen and Paper.

As of right now, we’re planning to start around Noon CST (gmt -6) and run until night time whenever we decide to stop.

We’ll be playing Mansions of Madness to start out and I will be playing the bad guy while Aaron, Vincent and Dan try to uncover clues and solve a mystery. This game is based in the Cthulhu world and is LOADS of fun. Here’s a little video explaining the rules so everyone can brush up on what’s going on. We’ll explain things as well when we get questions in the chat.

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