Tuesday 12/4/2012 Streaming w/internet problems.

My internet is still broken. We’re going to try to stream anyway and see what happens. The upload isn’t too bad right now but the download is terrible. I changed service providers and it will be switched over on Wednesday. Thanks for bearing with me and I look forward to seeing you all again!

So here’s the giveaway signup form for today.

1. Be present when I do the random giveaway.

2. Have fun and enjoy the stream!

3. If you enjoy the free entertainment and have the time, please check out our Web Series on YouTube and our Social Groups.We do our best to try and include the community in contests and events to make things more entertaining than your typical social network experience.

I’m currently doing a Twitter follower competition for any game of your choice off of steam up to $60 usd. Get the Details by clicking here!

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