YouTube Subscriber Contest Winners!

Be ready for the next contest by getting your social networking done for the whole Romantics community! -YouTube-  -Twitter-  -SteamGroup-


Sorry it took me a while to get this part done. Getting sick kinda put me behind a bit.

I have to say the participation levels were above and beyond anything I expected. You guys are awesome and you can expect to see a new contest up in the next few days. These are really fun for me to run because I love it when you guys participate and give us feedback on things. You guys are responsible for helping us get those videos seen and I won’t forget it!

These were the terms:

First prize winner – Any single game on Steam up to $60. Your choice.  *This will be chosen via RNG using everyone’s total number of entries for themselves.

Second Prize winner Any single game on Steam up to $40. Your choice. This will be selected by me and Aaron for what we consider the BEST comment on our YouTube. (could be funny/cool/appropriate/intelligent but definitely not spammy)

Third Prize winner Any single game out of my giveaway list on this website. This will also be chosen using the RNG system using your total entries.

The Winners ARE!

First Prize – Raul FuGaDe (Raul made a lot of good comments and really took the time to go through and check out our videos and therefore, had a LOT of entries on this one.)

Second Prize – Belennaer (We chose this not necessarily because of ONE specific post but he left several very appropriate, honest comments that let us know he was really watching the videos and telling us what he thought. Thanks!)

Third Prize – Vaulty (this was another RNG roll on the total entries. Vaulty’s comments all made sense and were applicable to the videos at hand. You can tell he really watches them and the stream so thanks Vaulty and grats!)

Thanks so much for participating to everyone. Even if you didn’t win anything this time, you really helped support this community we’re building up by taking part in this community event. Thanks for helping us get bigger on YouTube and for really caring about supporting this community. We want it to be as rewarding for each and every one of you as it is for us. Love you guys!

Wes and Aaron

To collect your prize, message me on Twitch!

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