11/20/2012 – Pilot Episode pt. 2 comes out today!

At some point during the stream today, we will be releasing part 2 of the pilot episode on our YouTube! It would make my week if everyone would go there, subscribe and like/leave comments for us on any videos that you watch or enjoy. The way YouTube determines if a video is “worthy” of being ranked is by views and viewer retention. That means when you interact with the video by adding to favorites, subbing, hitting the like button or commenting, YouTube says HEY! This video might be good and you get listed higher in the search results. You guys have already helped our Twitch channel take off and the YouTube channel is beginning to do the same. I really appreciate it and you guys are AWESOME! We have NO adds on ANY YouTube videos and that’s because we’re not aiming to make money now. We just want to get our stuff out there and provide some quality entertainment.

Get caught up on the webisode by watching Part One of the Pilot Here. We also have one regular episode of the series up as well called Liquid Vitamins.

I will be posting the rules for a YouTube Subscriber contest on Twitter today. Get signed up and follow us there to stay up to date on what’s going on with The Romantics. We also do Twitter contests for free stuff!

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