Today’s Stuff! 11/19

Giveaway form at the bottom!
Over the weekend our YouTube page blew up! We’re not sure exactly what happened besides me spending hours up on hours going around and networking posting it in many, many different places hoping people would look at it.

I appreciate everyone giving us the leg up with our first 300 subscribers and giving us the jump start with all the excellent comments, likes and views. You guys, my Twitch people, rock!

To keep participation levels up, which is very important on YouTube, I’m asking everyone who hasn’t already (and even if you have) to go and hit the like button, subscribe button and leave us some comments! YouTube counts viewer participation levels when it comes to ranking your videos. Yesterday we made it up as high as the 2nd page for the keyword, The Romantics, which is amazing!


Here’s the Webisode we’re currently plugging. Part 2 will be out THIS WEEK guaranteed.


Here’s the form for today’s giveaways.


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