The winner of the Caption This contest on Twitter IS?

First of all, thanks for participating guys 🙂

The picture in question.

It was between these two captions and we had a tough time deciding.

Pakuska: “I dont always bring Roseanne Barr Mcdonalds. But when I do, I come prepared.”


Erynyr:  “After seeing his reflection in a puddle, Sir Wes knew the only way to prevent further embarrassment was to cut of his head.”

The first was just flat out funny. The second was funny because that picture is QUITE embarrassing and that did seem like a logical way to solve the problem.

The Winner Is:

Erynr, by a nose.

– Because I liked both so much, both participants win a copy of Chivalry! Thanks for participating guys and gals!


-Here are a few of the captions that made it tough to decide in no particular order.

  • Brutalenfilade: “He’s climbin’ in yo castles, plundering your shit up, tryin’ ta take ’em so you better hide yo serfs, hide your knights, and hide yo gentry because they be plunderin’ everybody up out here!”
  • Jhay: I like this one for the Far Side comic feel, “There was only one man brave enough to apply for the job of gardener at the old Johnson Place.”
  • Aaron: “CHARGE!!! Can I get a push?” (he can’t win anyway!)
  • Wolchbot? Not sure who that is!: “After single handedly sacking the Rurikovich manor Wes though it was time for a well deserved nap in his favorite easy chair.”

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