10/24/2012 New Sign Up Today (and other notes)

New signup today. Please sign up for the FREEGAMES!

We’ve decided to do a very special giveaway for the Oct. 30th Mansions of Madness board game stream. Aaron will be drawing/creating a custom t-shirt (high quality stuff. he’s already done these before and even made the t-shirt for my wife’s college fraternity) to give away to ONE lucky winner during the Board Game stream. If you’re interested, make sure you come to the board game stream. The winner MUST BE PRESENT during the stream to claim the prize. The design will not be revealed until later. (we still need to design it but it only takes a day or two to do so). This will be a one of a kind shirt that we will NEVER sell or give away again.

Check back here regularly. I will post a link to the shirt/giveaway info when we get it ready. You can check out the Board Game night info here.

I always feel like I’m saying this too much and don’t want to annoy anyone but I figure when new people come, they need the same info my regulars got when they first showed up too 🙂

To be eligible for giveaways please do the following:

1. Be present when I RANDOMLY give a game away. (3 to 5 times a day)

2. Follow me on Twitch (and please if you enjoy the stream, find it in your kind heart to join the steamgroup, follow us on twitter and sub to our youtube)

3. Hang out with us in the stream and have fun!

I added a few games last night because you guys are SO awesome!


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