Giving away games! 10/19/2012 Instructions.

We’re doing a YouTube Subscribe drive on today’s stream.

You guys have been awesome and I know a LOT of my viewers are already subscribed to us on YouTube, so you won’t have to do much here today.

After Subbing to us, please fill out the giveaway form at the bottom of this post because we use it to do the random number giveaways during the stream, randomly. I ask for your e-mail address because that’s where I will send the steam games you have won. It’s quicker than trying to find you on steam, message/friend/trade etc… Plus, my friend’s list is full.

If you enjoy the stream and the giveaways, please help us get popular enough to make a little cash to keep buying games to give away indefinitely. After giving away over 80 games over a 25 day period, thanks to a lot of awesome donations, I’d like people to think of it as more of a perk than the reason they stay and watch us.
To be eligible for game giveaways today:

1. Follow on YouTube

2. Be present when we do the giveaway (I do them randomly all day and usually do 2 to 5 giveaways a day)

3. Follow us on Twitch while you’re there 😀

4. Fill out the form so I can send you the game easily through e-mail and enter you into the random number generator

Our YouTube –> TheRomanticsWB

Our Twitter –> @TheRomantics1

Our Steam Group –>WeAreTheRomantics

Our Twitch Stream –>WeAreTheRomantics on Twitch

(here’s a list of current games available)


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