Random Giveaways Form for 10/15/2012

New form for a new day folks! We had an amazing week last week with 250+ viewers in the afternoons. I thank all of you for coming out and hanging with us as much as you have. Keep watching us for some exciting developments in the future and some special stuff on Twitch that you don’t see very often.

Check out our Webisode and PLEASE subscribe to our YouTube channel, TheRomanticsWB, so you don’t miss the new webisodes as they come out. We did a lot of filming on Saturday so look for some new videos THIS WEEK!

I’m typing this TWICE so people will hopefully see it.

The games we’re giving away today are Torchlight 2, FTL and Bioshock Collection over Steam. There may be more giveaways today. I do them RANDOMLY whenever I feel like doing one during the cast. You can choose the game you want if you win. I have 30 to 50 more games to giveaway and sometimes do MORE than 3 giveaways in a day. Please hang out to have fun and don’t obsess over the giveaways. The giveaways are just a perk of hanging out with us 🙂

Love you guys! Have fun today!

The Rules For Today:

1. You must be present when  the giveaway happens.

2. Follow us on Twitch and join our steam group @ WeAreTheRomantics

3. Do NOT enter twice. You will be disqualified and I will delete all your entries on the form.

These help us out  a lot as twitch will send you an e-mail when we go live and I do announcements on Steam when we go live.


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