Shooting an indie tv show with zero funds.

Shooting a large production like a six episode, indie, tv show is a difficult process when 10 to 12 people are involved on a volunteer basis. We all have our own lives, jobs, families and responsibilities to deal with making justification of the time spent sometimes difficult. We’re getting there slowly, but surely. Another scheduling delay hit us and is pushing the project back a little further. Hopefully episode two will be partially funded where we can ask for more participation from our talent and crew.

I plan to update this site with more detailed info in the future, once we get to a point where we’re comfortable posting some demo stuff.

On another note, the project is going much better than anticipated. It has turned into a full time job for me on top of taking care of my dad. This has proven to be a good thing for me. I feel like I have a routine again and the wonderful viewers on twitch have really made it a rewarding experience thus far. Any of my twitch followers reading this, thank you so much for hanging out and giving me a worthwhile project to work on with you guys. I appreciate each and every one of you.

In 8 days of streaming we have gone from 0 views/follows to 5450+ page views and 345+ follows. On top of that, I think we’re averaging around 45 concurrent viewers with peaks into the upper 60’s and an all time high of 76. That’s pretty astounding so far. My current goal besides providing entertainment to the viewers, is to hit the first level of partnership with twitch so that we can get the transcode button on the stream. Having that button will make it loads easier on the viewers to watch us without lag. I’m currently restricted to decent quality 720p so that more people can watch lag free but I would like to stream in 1080p.

We had our first stream donations last week in the form of 3 games. These were donated for use in the game give aways we do. That makes keeping the spirit of giving alive all that much easier. I appreciate the help in that regard. Giving in many forms is a very rewarding experience.

In closing, thank you to all my regular visitors and viewers. You guys help the stream to be successful more than you may realize. I am aware though and greatly appreciate your time.

Until next time,

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